Mayoral Candidate Has Experience Needed



My name is John Carpenter, a Michigan resident, and I have been following the election campaign for mayor and council members with interest. My interest is two-fold: One, because I am looking to relocate to your fine climate, and, two, I know F. Robert Edwards, and, yes, that is the formal name by which I know him.

I, of course, could not speak on the issues of your community, but I certainly can give insight to Mr. Edwards. I worked for Bob as Director, Business Services Division of the Michigan Employment Security Commission (MESC) for six years. The Governor appointed Bob as the agency's director at a time when MESC was in very poor condition budget wise, experiencing low employee morale, work ethic, and public perception of the agency was at an all time low.

It was not business as usual with Bob. Through Bob's leadership, MESC became one of the best in the country. Under budget in almost every fiscal year, He developed new programs to help claimants and streamlined the entire organization from top to bottom. Bob has an uncanny way of seeing a problem, analyzing the points and developing a solution working through the people he manages. He does not micro-manage. He asks for and gets the very best out of his people. Through his consensus, building the morale of the agency became the highest and had the lowest turnover rate of any other state agency during his tenure

I know from personal experience that your community cannot go wrong in electing F. Robert Edwards because Bob is all of the following:

  • A strong leader
  • Believes in and practices fiscal responsibility.
  • A man of strong character, ethics, and moral beliefs.
  • Someone who genuinely cares for people and the impact government has on them.
  • A very good listener
  • A consensus builder -- working through people not over them.
  • Believes people should run government, not government running the people.

John Carpenter, Michigan

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