Send Newcomers A Message



It is amazing the names developers are being called by the anti-growth coalition.

If you look at the developments that have come about over the last 10 years, you would realize there has been positive growth over that period of time. A list of new developments would include Elk Ridge, Rim View Heights, Rim Ranch, Manzanita Hills, Chaparral Pines, The Rim Club, Whisper Ridge, Payson Pines, Paradise Heights, Siena Hills, Woodhill, and Trailwood. These developments have had a positive impact on Payson's economy. They are also some of the nicest developments the town has to offer. I would guess that some of the anti-growth coalition members live in some of these communities.

We have experienced an average 2-3 percent growth in this town over the last five years. How can anyone call this "out-of-control" growth? There isn't a single town in this country that would call this growth rate out of control. Most towns would view this as healthy growth and the minimum required to provide revenue the town needs to fund its programs.

The growth rate has allowed increased hospital staffing with many new doctors with specialties coming to town. We also have Sawmill Crossing, many new restaurants, The Home Depot, a new Wal-Mart, a new Walgreens and a new McDonald's, just to name a few.

I have the utmost respect for the town staff and council who work tirelessly for this town. They all have done an outstanding job; they like living here and want to raise their families here. The developers and town staff deserve better than what these newcomers have to offer. It should come as no surprise that these newcomers -- Blair who is from Minnesota and Edwards from Michigan -- want to eliminate our rights as property owners. They are trying to eliminate the construction industry, which is the largest industry in town.

It is my understanding that Edwards, who has lived here for three years, has just registered to vote in August 2005. These two are also running together, which is very dangerous. We need independent thinkers who are not going to get together with their anti-grown coalition to decide issues ahead of the public meetings. Let's all send a message to these newcomers to this town who want 0 percent growth, and want to clean house down at town hall, and vote for Barbara Brewer, Robert Henley, and Barb Underwood.

Kevin Sokol, Payson

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