Time To Revisit Bypass



As someone who has lived, visited and owned a business in this area for the last 16 years, I think it is time that the people of Payson reappraise an old issue.

I have been following the many articles about the traffic problems related to the growth in Payson and surrounding areas. Some time ago, there was talk of a S87 to E260 bypass around Payson.

Apparently the town business owners, fearing a drop in customers, opposed this. I do not believe this would be the case now, as Payson is large enough to be self-sufficient.

Many people will still come into Payson for services, but more importantly, all the traffic out of the Valley heading east and north, with no intention of stopping, can choose the convenience of a bypass, leaving the streets of Payson far less congested for the residents and visitors.

As an example, the Christopher Creek businesses certainly felt the impact of their new bypass/loop, but the end result is a quiet, picturesque berg with no more loud trucks and Jake brakes disturbing the residents and visitors. People wanting to stop -- do, and those never intending to stop, no longer spoil the peace and beauty of Christopher Creek.

Rod Aschbrenner, Payson

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