Candidate Bashing Disappointing



I have enjoyed the articles you have printed in recent weeks about the candidates for mayor and council. These have been informative and helpful and all were very positive in tone, giving us a chance to come to know each of the candidates and what they stand for. I was disappointed, therefore, to read a very negative letter that was published on Friday, which contained personal attacks on Mr. Edwards and Mr. Blair, two of the candidates running for election.

In my opinion, all of the candidates running for mayor and council are quality people. They differ on the issues, but none of them will engage in rude personal attacks on other candidates or their families. Negative letters, which bash candidates in an intention to support other candidates, only serve to be divisive and set a bad tone for the campaign.

We as voters need to listen to the issues as the candidates debate them in the coming weeks, support candidates of our choice positively and then vote our choices on election day.

No candidate is served well by a supporter who bashes the opposing candidates. It seems to me we are fortunate to have so many fine people running for these offices. I know several of the candidates personally and am certain these quality people want nothing to do with negative campaigning. They are offering themselves as candidates in the hope of making Payson a better place.

Therefore, we need to remain focused on real issues that concern Payson and its people, now and in the future, not personalities. We must avoid attacks on candidates or their families. Instead, we need to look at the qualifications of the candidates and their stands on the issues and then ask what they intend to do, if elected, for Payson and its people.

I appeal to the Payson voters to exercise your right to support the candidates of your choice in a positive way. We can help the candidates and the democratic process most by doing what we can to make this a fair and clean election.

Carolyn Baltz, Payson

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