Connell Has What It Takes



We need Connell.

The day that ballots will be mailed to our homes is fast approaching and many people tell me that they have yet to make up their minds as regards casting their votes. I want to tell all readers that Susan Connell is a wonderful choice for council.

You may have read about some confusion about the date that signs could officially be posted within Payson. I read the rules as distributed to each candidate for town office, and I was clear about the starting date. Then a town official apparently changed the interpretation of the rules, but not all candidates were notified of the change.

Nonetheless, one candidate chose to not erect signs until the original day was reached. Why? Because Susan Connell is an ethical and moral person who, in spite of what other people may do, will choose to do what she believes is correct.

I have heard that there are those who question if Susan Connell has the intestinal fortitude to make decisions when the questions are difficult. Susan worked in management for Procter and Gamble for nearly 20 years and was greatly successful in a business that does not tolerate inefficiency. Susan knows budgeting, purchasing, marketing, supervision and management techniques that can improve our town. When tough decisions need to be made, Susan will make them.

Susan has stated that she is committed to working with others in honest, compassionate ways. She will seek input from those she will represent and will strive to make decisions that benefit all of the citizens of Payson. She is not bound by single-item agendas or by agreements. She is bound by her experiences, knowledge, ethics and goals. In short, she is bound by her desire to do what is best for Payson and she will work tirelessly to achieve that end.

When you mark your ballot, join me in voting for a person who is capable, forthright, honorable and well prepared to accomplish what we need. Vote for Susan Connell.

John Lemon, Payson

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