Feeding Wildlife Could Be Illegal



I would like to respond to the ongoing issue that Ms. Pratt has with the harvesting of game animals, specifically deer. From everything I have read of Ms. Pratt's position, it seems there is more "emotion" than facts. In her last response, she even went so far as to propose that we (the public) "feed the deer" to prevent starvation brought on by overpopulation.

I think Ms. Pratt might find it interesting that those that we charge with management of our wildlife resources, AF&FD, recently supported legislation, S149 Unlawful Feeding of Wildlife. It would make it a misdemeanor to feed wildlife other than birds and squirrels. That bill died in committee, but I would suspect that it will be reintroduced in the future, reason being, that the "professionals" fully recognize the harm done by individuals feeding wildlife, regardless of their sympathetic motives.

If Ms. Pratt truly appreciates the deer, as she states, then she will leave the management of them to the professionals who know best how to manage their wild population. Hunting is simply one method used to that end. If it offends Ms. Pratt, that is understandable, but hardly an excuse to promote irresponsible actions by others by feeding wild creatures.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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