Look For The Best In This Election


Have you ever met someone who only sees the world through dark lenses -- not the shade of sunglasses, but the tint of cynicism and skepticism?

I'm referring to the person who not only sees the glass as half-empty, but also believes the glass will be broken and used as a weapon against them.

I have often wondered what real happiness such people might find. I also wonder what happened to taint their vision.

My wife has a saying she has posted on several walls in our home in her efforts to keep our children looking for the best in their lives. It reads:

"Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out."

In essence, she tries to teach our children to look for the good in every situation -- even amidst trials that may seem discouraging. Her life is an example for our children and me.

As we approach another election in Payson, there are many voices competing for our attention. Some of these voices present convincing arguments with positive, thought-provoking information, urging us to vote one way or another.

Other voices send out messages of conspiracy and feelings of hatred or anger. I am not referring to any particular group, but individuals who speak in the shadows or post anonymous messages -- hiding behind computer screens, false e-mail addresses and unmarked propaganda.

I feel sorry for anyone who goes through life looking for conspiracy and lies because, ultimately, people find whatever they are looking for.

I believe if we look for the good in a candidate, and focus on his or her achievements, we will not only be better voters, but we will select better leaders.

In closing, I've borrowed a segment from a poem titled "The Bundle" found in the Moral Compass, compiled by William J. Bennett.

He carried a bundle of false beliefs,

Musty and heavy as a lawyer's briefs;

Prejudice, jealousy, bitterness, strife --

These were the wares of his troubled life.

He carried the bundle wherever he went --

Anger, suspicion and selfish intent;

He saw what he sought, injustice and sin.

Life was a tempest without and within.

He mumbled and stumbled; the world was all wrong.

His bundle grew heavy as he shuffled along.

Worry, impatience, discord and doubt --

These were the things that he dragged all about.

This election, I hope we -- candidates and voters -- will all "accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative." For those who might spread discord on the process, I challenge you to put down your bundle.

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