Relieve Stress With A Simple Touch


In a busy world, Lori Vario is in the business of relaxation and peace of mind. Her clients know her best by the touch of her hands. She is licensed nationally and by the state of Arizona and has been in practice for three years.

"Massage is a way to help yourself," Vario said. "We're working 160 hours a month. I figure we don't spend enough time on ourselves anymore. One hour out of that 160 hours for ourselves instead of somebody else is totally worth it."


Lori Vario relaxes co-worker Michelle Montbleau with a gentle massage.

"I just love people and I love to see the look on everybody's face -- that look of feeling better." She sees both male and female clients.

"In general, there are many benefits of massage. It helps you with your lymph and your circulatory systems. It helps with digestion," she said. "Stress, obviously is the biggest reason for massage because stress causes 80 percent of most diseases out there."

Vario has worked locally as a massage therapist with both Dr. Rod Anderson of Anderson Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic and the Payson Day Spa, as well as with private clients. She is a graduate of the Southwest Institute for Healing Arts.

Vario offers a few different types of massage therapies to her clients and takes care that the lotions she uses do not interact negatively with people's allergies.

According to Vario the Swedish massage she gives is usually a medium pressure, very relaxing massage, though it can be deeper work and take a bit longer.

A mother-to-be rests comfortably on her side, propped with pillows, as Vario gives a light massage with a rocking motion.

"Your lymph is your body's sewage system. It is pumped by the muscles ... just like your heart pumps the blood ... which is why lymphatic massage is very good for people with fibromyalgia," Vario said.

Vario is trained in reflexology and LaStone therapy, also known as "hot rock" massage.

"When I say hot rock therapy, it doesn't sound as comfortable as it really is," she said.

Hot stones help increase circulation, while cold stones help decrease inflammation, therefore decrease pain.

"There's so many different ways that you can use the stones," she said. For instance, with clients who have a lot of back pain, Vario places the stones on the table and the client is positioned so that the stones help the muscles along the spine.

"As (the client) is laying on them they will feel like they melt into their body and not even realize the stones are there after a while.

On Vario's days off, Michelle Montbleau is in taking care of the clients of A Simple Touch.

Montbleau has been taking care of the hands and feet of her clients for nearly 20 years.

Because of health reasons, she no longer works as a nail technician and sales executive for nail products.

Now she practices Raindrop Therapy with Young's Living (essential) Oils and Reiki work that balances the body's energy. She also gives plain manicures and pedicures.

During a Raindrop Therapy session specific essential oils Montbleau chooses are dripped along her client's spine like raindrops.

"It is basically working from the very low spine and then up through the shoulders and the neck," she said.

She uses four special hand manipulations that Gary Young developed to work the oils into the body, then she gives a Vitaflex (similar to reflexology) treatment, also developed by Young, to the feet.

"Healing of the body, mind and spirit with Reiki energy has been in use for thousands of years," Montbleau said. "Throughout time, Reiki has been practiced by many different cultures in a variety of forms and settings.

"Reiki can help us relax, release stress and heal by keeping our bodies full of the healing life force energy that surrounds us ... and connecting this energy with the body's own innate system of healing," she said.

A Simple Touch is Vario's first business venture.

"I'm very excited and everything is going well so far," Vario said. In addition to the therapies and essential oils, supplements and other personal products to enhance a stress-free environment are available at A Simple Touch.

The shop is at 407 W. Frontier St., Payson. Walk-ins can sometimes be accommodated and outcalls are available. For appointments, call (928) 468-8897.

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