Elk Need To Be Kept Out Of Mountain Meadows Cemetery



My story is about the condition of Mountain Meadows cemetery.

When my husband passed away a few years ago, my daughter came from New Hampshire. She purchased an arrangement of a large wooden cross, covered with small white carnations. The flowers were placed on the flag-draped coffin. A few days before she went back home, we went back to the cemetery. Nothing was left but the wooden cross. All the flowers were gone. We just stood there and cried.

Elk love fresh flowers. Over the fence they jump and feast on all fresh flowers placed on the graves.

I have friends who live in that area and they see herds of elk feasting all the time. I have lived in Payson 30 years and know many people who have loved ones buried out there. I'm sure many feel like I do about this terrible situation.

Secondly, all over the cemetery from one end to the other the elk leave their droppings on the grounds and graves. You better clean off your shoes well before you get into your car.

I've wondered what the veterans feel when they place flags on the graves of those who served our country.

I just pray the mortuary, when they read this letter, will know how many of us feel about this terrible condition.

Why can't they put two electric wires above the existing fence? Just make an effort, it can be done. Keep the elk out.

The elk need to stay in the forest. That is their home, not our cemetery.

Lorraine Williams, Payson

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