This Land Of Ours


Our fathers came for love of God,

To worship far from despot's rule.

On solid rock they built this land

With Bible, church and public school.

They saw in each child born to them

A child of God, a soul to teach,

A father's pride, a mother's gem,

A treasure far from tyrant's reach.

These men who built in other days

Had dreams of freedom, strong and sure;

Their country must in all its ways

Grant equal rights to rich and poor.

The blessings we accept as ours

Have come by toil, and sweat and prayers,

By strife, by blood, by weary hours

They spent for us -- of riches, heirs.

How can we show our gratitude

That we were born where men are free?

How tread the path our forebears hewed?

What would we have our land to be?

If we would have Old Glory float

Above a nation strong and great,

Lives to work we must devote,

Not leave our nation just to fate.

We have a new frontier today,

Not forests, rivers, plains to fight:

But foes as real, where greed holds sway,

And bigots claim that might makes right.

It is for us to hold to good,

To trust in God and fight all wrong,

To grant to all a livelihood,

To love our land, and keep it strong.

What would we have our land to be?

The place where God doth reign supreme,

And all nations truly see

A brotherhood more real than dream.

America sums up in me,

And you and you and you and you:

What we would have our land to be

Depends on how we each shall do.

If we want right and brotherhood..

Not might and greed and Satan's powers...

We must be just and always good

Within this land of ours.

by Clara Johnson Kennedy (1893-1980)

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