Breakfast Surprise Party



A breakfast surprise party can be held for no particular reason other than you want to have a party.

The surprise is for your friends, because they get to come to the party first thing in the morning!

Yes, that's right, in pajamas, sleepy-eyed and hair mussed-up.

No changing clothes or grooming is allowed.

My mom helped me throw one of these parties when I was in the fifth grade. I remember it was really fun.


Phone parents of guests several days ahead of time. Sometimes it helps to have your mom or dad do this. But don't leave a message on the guest's answering machine and give the surprise away!

Make the time of the party early enough that your friends will still be asleep when you and your mom or dad come to pick them up.

The party will probably last 90 minutes to two hours, including breakfast and travel time.

Party favors bag game

Tooth brushes and other small items can be put in bags. Vary the small items by bag. Have your friends feel the bag, and then guess what is inside.

Breakfast menu suggestions

Share your favorite pancakes or waffles with your friends.

You could make a face on the pancakes using two berries for the eyes and a whipped cream smile.

Have different kinds of syrup to try, like blackberry and maple.

Serve with milk or juice.

Hint: Don't forget to thank your mom or dad for their help!

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