How Do I Get Over My Past?



Letting go of our past may seem impossible. How can we let go of something that is so much aart of us? And whyet the past go? Aren't we who we are because of our past? The answer to this question is the reason why we need to let go of the, to a great extent, we are who we are because of what happened to us in the past. But we are more than that -- we can only be who we are right now in the present.

Clinging to the past in order to affirm or to excuse ourselves in the present is as dangerous as living in future illusions. Neither one is the reality of ourselves. Neither one is in our control.

Letting go of our past does not mean forgetting our past. Memories are part of us, but they are not the reality of who we are right now.

The now we can choose; the past we could not. In other words, we cannot control our past. We cannot go back and do it again. That is why it is important to let go and move on.

Nothing seems to keep us more stuck than hauling the past around with us. It may help to think of our past as a huge garbage bag full of good and bad things.arrying around this bag only weighs us down and impedes our present movement. We cannot function to our best capacities when carrying around a heavy bag. Put the bag down, open it and carefully go through the contents. Try to separate what was good and what was valued from what was bad and what you hate. Use your objective eyes and you will see that often something that was perceived as "bad" had beneficial results while something that was initially valued "good" may have produced negative results.

Honor all your past. All of it got you here. Take what you still really need; lovingly let the rest go.ou do not need to carry it all around with you anymore.

It may help to think of your past as a coat that you once wore as a child. At the time, the coat fit you and it kept you warm. It served its purpose. Now you have outgrown the coat and it will not keep you warm. Why are you still carrying this coat around?

Mentioned above is the fact that you cannot go back and change the past. But you can change the influence that your past has on you right now, in the present. To do this, you must stop trying to make the past something it was not. If you were abused or rejected, or unloved in the past, you can stop being abused, rejected, and unloved now.

Only if you are stuck in the past will you continue to repeat these patterns of your past. To be free of these patterns, you must let go.

Loving yourself when you have not felt loved in your past may be difficult, but it can be done.

If you choose to let your past write the script for your present life, then you must take responsibility for that choice. It is your life and you are more than what you have been before. Be the best you can be. Let go of what is holding you back. Be free.

The past may feel like a prison, but you have the key and you can walk away whenever you choose to let go.

Perhaps the most effective way to let go of the past is to become aware of the inner child and to learn to parent this child. These concepts will be discussed in the following two questions and answers.

Next article: Who is this inner child?

Dyanne Yellowlight-Anderson is an intuitive adviser living in Payson and owner of Above and Beyond Holistic Services and Life Coaching.

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