You Might Be A Pirate -- In Need Of A Hat



If you say things like, "Well, shiver me timbers." ...

If you pretend when you dive to the bottom of Taylor Pool that you are looking for treasure in Davy Jones' Locker ...

If you have been going around singing, "Yo ho! Yo ho! a pirates life for me!" ...

If you are crossing off days on the calendar because "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" opens at Sawmill Theatres Friday, July 7 ...

Then you might be a pirate!

And as a pirate, you might need a hat.

You can make one out of a full sheet of newspaper and two pieces of tape.


1. On a flat surface, fold the paper in half

(Hint 1: The paper is already creased that way.)

(Hint 2: You can fold the paper in half again if you want a smaller hat.)

2. Make sure the paper opens at the bottom, then fold the right and left corners of the paper so they meet in the middle and form a pyramid.

3. Fold the bottom edges up and opposite.

(Hint: Use tape if necessary to hold the edges together.)

There. Now you have a pirate hat.

Optional: Add a feather.

Ideas similar to these may be found in "Great Parties for Kids" by Fyke, Nejam and Overstreet.

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