Freedom Comes In Form Of Outdoor Recreation



Having just celebrated the Fourth of July, the birthday of the United States of America, there is a time of reflection on the freedoms we have in this great country. For many of us living in the Rim Country, freedom comes in the form of the outdoor adventures of fishing, hunting, hiking and other recreational activities.

Because we live here, there may be a tendency to take these freedoms for granted.

Consider the experience of hunting big game in Arizona. In many nations of the world this cannot be done because of the central government control of firearms from the general population.

In many other cases it is only the economically elite or the politically powerful who may pursue the adventure of legally hunting with a firearm.

We Americans who happen to live in Arizona are anxiously awaiting the upcoming lottery for those precious big game tags.

This drawing is available to the great majority of our population with literally no strings attached. Cherish and protect this freedom.

On the long Fourth of July weekend that has just come to a close, thousands of families flocked to the Rim Country to cool off, hike, or maybe catch a fish.

Literally every state in the union had the same migration of people going to recreate at some holiday getaway. They were able to do this because of a strong economy that has developed a job market where families can afford to travel in this great nation.

As we go back to work and wait for our next weekend getaway, keep in mind, we are so fortunate and blessed to be living in this great nation of the United States of America. Freedoms and opportunities abound so don't take them for granted.

As our young men and women fight to protect these freedoms and keep this great nation safe, be thankful for the country where you live.

This weekend enjoy God's creation.

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