Helping Star Valley Will Spread Payson Police Too Thin



I'm concerned about the agreement our town (Payson) has made to provide Star Valley with police protection. I was surprised it passed through so quickly. I think the town should have made a better effort to let people know about it in advance.

I believe more people would have stepped up to voice their concerns had the council given the general public more notice.

Former councilman Robert Henley and myself stood up during Thursday's meeting and told the council how we felt about it. In hindsight, I should have asked the council to give the public more time. I guess that's what I am asking for now -- that the council provide the public with additional notice when these kind of decisions are made that impact police or other emergency services.

I'm all for helping the town of Star Valley, but really we're already taxed for police services here as it is, especially when it comes to first responders. Our police officers do a pretty good job, but helping Star Valley could spread an already thin department even thinner.

Joe Bayless, Payson

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