Hospital Food Service Team Deserves Praise



Is there a five-star gourmet in Payson?

You bet and you'll never guess where.

I recently spent three days in the Payson Regional Medical Center and what a wonderful surprise to find every meal to be outstanding.

So, kudos to our local Payson cooks Maria Cohen, Geri Yaccaro, Kelly Mercer and Helen Young. And a great big "thank you" to the food service aides, Rosie Thorp, Denise Chauvin, Kelly Mercer and Carol Prokop.

Thanks to Diane Bedsworth, RD, for giving me the names of the above five-star gourmet cooks who really deserve to be praised.

Why not take a few minutes to go and check out what's on the menu in this five-star gourmet cafeteria.

Sandra Finn, Payson

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