If You Missed The Melodrama, You Missed Out



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Christopher Creek presented, for the fifth year, a community melodrama. This year's production was titled, "The Great Ice Cream Scheme" by Billy St. John. If you missed it, you missed a night of fun, laughter, and some unbelievable entertainment.

Richard Haddad played the villain. All he had to do was walk on stage and they would "boo" him, but it didn't take very long for the audience to see just how talented Richard was. He was the talk of the town. Residents were asking, "who was that guy?"


Richard Haddad, left, played the villain in "The Great Ice Cream Scheme" this weekend. Pamela Steven, right, played his sidekick, Parfait Deluxe.

For days after the performances residents of the community were saying how good this melodrama was, and how professional the actors were. Pamela Steven played Richard's sidekick, Parfait Deluxe, and she was so funny it was like watching the old Lucy shows. Dan Hill played the naive hero and Marsha Ward played his sweetheart. Every time they would walk on stage the audience would applaud.

Dan was such a ham. He just bowed and grinned from ear to ear. Talk about talent -- Marsha has a beautiful voice, and Dan was hilarious. You just have to look at his expressions and you crack up. It was really hard to try and act with some of these people because they were so good, but it sure was fun.

Karen Jacobs played my sister. Just watching her perform taught me a lot.

Karen's husband, Dan Jacobs, played a waiter who was in love with Candy, played by Brenda Slapnicka.

They made a real cute couple. Etta Lotta Spumoni was played by Annette Godfrey. She played an overweight customer. She had so much stuffing in her I don't know how she was able to act. Grant Corley played her oversized friend, and his costume was hilarious. He wore one of those beanies on his head with the propeller and he had a switch to push to make it go around. They were a hoot to watch.

My daughter, Frankie Jo, had her first experience on stage and now I think I am doomed. She wants to be a star. Linda Digman played the stagehand, Ernie, who became stage-struck. The audience loved her. Every time she walked out on stage she got a large applause. She was hilarious. Janet Snyder, Vicki Grootegoed and Wanda Palmer were the ballerina wannabes. They were adorable in their yellow, orange and red wigs -- not to mention their great costumes.

Special appreciation goes out to Marjorie Morrison who prepared for the part of Etta Lotta Spumoni but was unable to continue, and special thanks to Maurine Kirchhoefer who also was unable to continue.

There are a lot of people to thank: Producer Annette Godfrey, Assistant Producer Maurine Kirchhoefer, Director Dan Hill, Assistant Directors Joni Marshall, Pamela Stevens and Wanda Palmer. Pianist, Linda Croy, did a great job trying to help some of us sing our songs. Thank you to choreographer, Pamela Stevens, costumers Alice Andreas and Effie Roehr, seamstress, Vicki Grootegoed, scenery builders Charlie Martin and Maurine Kirchhoefer -- what a great job they did. That you for the freezer door, John and Linda Digman, the stage, Maureen Kirchhoefer and Dan Hill. Props -- Sandy Human. Lights -- Lynn Godfrey. Sound -- Jack Burns, and Dick Jones. Tickets -- Annette Godfrey. Ticket taker -- Art Morrison. Prompters -- Eileen Kittock and Myra McDermed. Makeup and hair -- Charlie Martin, Ratosha Marshall, Chris Manning and Amanda Clement. Graphic Design -- EDG Creative. Photography -- Gail Mortenson. Advertising Posters -- Richard Haddad. House setup and clean up -- Dick Jones -- and refreshments by Mae Jones and Alice Andreas.

Music by presented by Wanda Palmer. She did such a great job, I think I will be singing those songs for another six months.

Not the least of gratitude goes out to the grand audiences, who rewarded the actors with laughter and smiles, applause and "boos" and put the final pleasure on a season of preparation. All performances were sold out. Around 413 residents got to see these year's melodrama.

I can't wait until next year.


Residents of Christopher Creek celebrating a birthday this month include: (July 8); Don Rhodes, (July 9); Patty Boeschling, (July 24); Margie Larsen and John Heacock, (July 25); Bianca Malmin and Debbie Aschbrenner, (July 29); Rebecca Jones and Dewey Malmin, and (July 30); Steve Sundra. Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday.

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