Town Should Not Have Taken Risk With Fourth Fireworks



I was very upset when the Payson Town Council decided to go ahead with the Fourth of July fireworks.

When my anger cooled, I tried to see the logic in their decision and decided the Council wanted to help prevent individuals from having their own fireworks and instead have a controlled environment. Then came your editorial wherein you stated you were relieved at the decision. I couldn't determine whether you so wanted the fireworks on the Fourth or whether it was the so-called control.

No matter how controlled we may think something is, there are too many variables. Wind shifts, misfires, the current huge dead tree in the center of the activities, all constitute a threat to our city. The very brief pleasure of the fireworks is too small for the risk.

To help deter individuals from shooting fireworks, the Council perhaps could pass an emergency ordinance imposing a large fine as well as possible jail time. This could include parents of any young people involved.

I hope that anyone who agrees will contact our council members.

Two years ago, the fireworks event was canceled due to the extreme fire danger. The fireworks were later used on New Year's Eve when there was snow on the ground. No one seemed too unhappy.

Sylvia Freeman, Payson

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