Water Shortage Becomes Issue During Fourth Of July Holiday



The big Fourth of July holiday is now behind us. The weekend did not go by without a few bumps.

The biggest issue is the lack of water to the Village. The on-site manager of the Tonto Village Water Company, Bill Snyder, said, "Sorry for the inconvenience this past weekend. The lack of water was unavoidable. The water use exceeded the capability of the wells to regenerate fast enough to keep the water flowing. I would like to remind customers that their daily supply of water is intended for inside domestic use only. As long as there is water in the storage tanks, it will be delivered to the customers. If your pressure drops to a very low value, the storage tank has probably been drained and as soon as more water has been pumped into the tanks, delivery of water will automatically resume."


Linda Stailey of Tonto Village II was up early enough one recent morning to capture a photo of the bull elk that were across the street from her home. She said that to get to see them wandering through the Village you need to be an early riser, about 5 a.m.

Tonto Village Fire District

There will be a very important meeting of the Fire Board on July 12 at the fire station beginning at 6 p.m. Gloria Alliger, a member of the board, will be addressing the I.S.O. insurance rating system that is used to rate an area for fire protection. Everyone is urged to attend this meeting.

The fire department responded this past weekend to an emergency call from Ellison Creek Estates early Sunday afternoon. An elderly woman was experiencing chest pains. Native Air, Life Star and the Tonto Village rescue unit responded. Native Air lifted the woman to the hospital. No report was available at this time of the woman's condition.

Tonto Village Chapel

Pastor Charles Wilcox has announced that a pre-registration meeting for Vacation Bible School will be held on Saturday, July 8, at 1 p.m. at the Chapel. Hot dogs and soda will be served and everyone is welcome to come and meet the new pastor and enjoy a hot dog. Vacation Bible School is available to children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Vacation Bible School begins on July 11 at 9 a.m. There will be adult and teen teachers to help with Bible lessons, games and crafts. Contact Rita Spalink at (928) 478-4282.

Elk sightings

There have been herds of bull elk sighted throughout the Village for the past month or two, and they are eating just about everything in sight. They particularly like the apple trees and the lilac bushes, but anything that they can reach is eaten. Linda Stailey of Tonto Village II was up early enough, and with a camera handy, that she snapped a few pictures from her front door. The elk were making their way through the "island" about 5 a.m.


Laverne Belcher of Bear Flat has her big day on July 11, and Janice Long of Long Ranch adds another candle to her birthday cake on July 14. Sam Coe of Tonto Village II will be a year older on July 15. Nick Fitch of Tonto Village III will celebrate his birthday on July 16. Happy birthday to all of you.


There were many family and friends in the village this past weekend to celebrate the long holiday and Ethel Cain was fortunate enough to have her daughter Candy Bryan from Northern California here for a short visit. We hope that it was an enjoyable one.

Pool winners

No Tuesday evening nine-ball tournament was held because of the Fourth of July holiday. The games will resume next Tuesday between the Double D gals and the Christopher Creek gals. The weekly Sunday eight-ball tournament was held as usual at the Double D Saloon. Winners were Peter Speiss, Doug Paul and Harvey Poyner. Congratulations to the winners.

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