Rim Club And Chaparral Pines Have Given A Lot To The Community



It's time people realize what the Rim Golf Club and Chaparral Pines have done for Payson and surrounding areas.

Construction of Chaparral Pines started in 1995, creating 50 to 60 jobs immediately. Today, Chaparral Pines and the Rim Golf Club employ 300 people, and many more from housing construction.

These two subdivisions have 334 homes completed and 80 under construction, ranging in price $500,000 to $3,500,000. In addition to jobs created, how much revenue went to the area economy -- lumber yards, plumbing stores, paint stores, hardware stores? Consider property taxes on 334 homes at an average of $7,000 annually. A large part of this revenue goes to Payson's schools. How many families in the Rim have children in Payson schools? None. In Chaparral Pines? Approximately 10 percent.

These communities did not steal Payson water. They developed 11 well sites to produce enough water for both communities when completely built and gave them to Payson. How many years before the build out is complete? It seems that this gave Payson extra water.

They built their own infrastructure and kept roads private, maintaining them themselves. Subdivisions are usually turned over to the city for this.

They built their own sewer system and lift stations to pump to N.G.S.D. and pipelines and pumping systems to receive reclaimed water back to water the golf courses.

They spent millions to build 13 lakes to store water for future use and the infrastructure to use reclaimed water previously dumped down American Gulch.

This year, N.G.S.D. acknowledged problems with their system and were forced to dump approximately 12 million gallons of reclaimed water down American Gulch, which would normally have gone to Chaparral Pines and the Rim. This created a shortage for watering the golf courses until the monsoons hit.

In light of everything stated here, we made a decision recently that seems to have upset some people. We began hauling water to the Rim from our well in Star Valley to water the golf course.

This is not a 24-7-365 situation as some tried to portray it. This was a very temporary solution until the monsoon season. We think that when you consider everything these communities have done for Payson and surrounding areas -- it is not inappropriate for us to offer our assistance.

Lanny Floyd

Jerry Floyd

Star Valley

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