Star Valley Town Manager Still On Temporary Contract


The Town of Star Valley is being steered through the early stages of incorporation by a person who may be or may not be the town council's permanent choice to continue as town manager next October.


Lanny Sloan, Star Valley Town manager

Lanny Sloan was hired in April of this year to be the interim town manager of Star Valley.

The biggest task Sloan faces is getting Star Valley up to speed on all the services the town must have at its disposal.

Sloan's six-month contract will expire at the end of September. And neither the manager nor the council have yet to discuss making him a permanent selection.

Sloan, who told the council last week that he was budgeting $52,000 for the town manager position, said it is the council's call on whether he becomes the permanent town manager.

"I could be the town manger if the town chooses to (make that choice)," he said. "They have to make that decision."

He said he has had no discussions with the council about the future position, but added he intends to talk with them about the potential vacancy very soon.

Sloan said he would like to be the future permanent manager of Star Valley.

Star Valley Vice Mayor Randy White concurred that there have been no talks about naming a full-time town manager yet.

Over the next two months, White said, the town will get its budget resolved, and could then look at the town manager position.

White said Sloan, if he wants the position, would be given strong consideration.

"If he would be interested, he would certainly be one of our top candidates," the vice mayor said.

Council member Mary Ann Kotelnicki said she think Sloan has proven himself and sees no reason why the town council would not offer him the position on a permanent basis.

"We are so pleased with him," she said.

White said that time is not of the essence to make a decision because Sloan still has more than two month left on his interim contact.

White also said it is not unusual for a new town to hire an interim manager rather than a permanent city or town manager.

Former city or town managers, he said, are commonly hired for short periods for new municipalities on a startup basis when certain things have to be accomplished quickly.

"(Selecting a town manager) is not on our agenda, but will be in the next couple of meetings," White said.

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