Why The Government Won't Fund Alternative Fuel Research



Why is our federal government not funding hydrogen research, vehicle adaption and production anywhere near that of ethanol?

Think: "corn belt states" electoral votes and "big oil" campaign financing.

The Web is full of sites featuring well-documented information on hydrogen fuel. Given that it is safer, and -- even now -- more economical in money and energy use to produce than either fossil-based fuels or ethanol and its huge ecological superiority, hydrogen should not even be termed "alternative."

But how much have we been hearing about hydrogen even referred to as "alternative" from our elected officials and their appointees?

In a starving world, the billions being paid to corporations like Archer Daniels Midland is ridiculously immoral. Maybe advocates of so-called "free market" policies should let the global market "speak" especially given the value such might be to improving our nation's foreign relations. But subsidize farmers to grow food to export? It won't happen unless there is more support for farm lobby efforts. And so is campaign financing by "other" corporate interests, the ones actually controlling the misnamed "free" market. Waiting for "free market stabilizing" or "correction" is folly so long as we have no true campaign financing and gerrymandering reform.

Redistricting of states likely isn't going to happen.

Fortunately, the representatives of those districts resisting change in the priority of federal governmental policies are in a minority. The problem is that other Representative (and Senators) are so beholden to being financed by the above-mentioned corporations which control United States economic policies both domestic and foreign.

Solution? More voting citizens wake up and refuse to vote for any office holder or candidates receiving "reported" monies from such corporations or advocating the known interests of such. (Unreported, "soft money" abounds and not only in oil corporate interests.)

And, stop buying stock in any of those corporations. Regardless of having a little shaking up of the present political system, people might consider the reducing of risk to their investment monies. Do you really believe Enron and its ilk in the oil industry (that "got caught") have been alone in their illegal corporate practices? Power does "corrupt."

Withholding vote for any elected official refusing to deal with campaign financing or not campaigning with such as a priority promise might also have effect if enough voters get with it.

If we can't coalesce on this crucial issue, energy and fuel production, we might as well turn off the lights on our hopes for a better America. We are nearly running on empty now as far as what we have to offer for the future of our children and the rest of the world.

Rev. Maurice Simons, D.Min.


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