Friends Helping Friends


A review by Becky Waer, Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library manager

"Misery Moo" by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross is a very simple story about a cow and a lamb.

How can an author write about a cow and a lamb? It's easy, they become friends. But it doesn't start out that way.

Misery Moo was always seeing the bad things in everything until she meets a little lamb one rainy day. The lamb asks Misery Moo why she was so moody.

The cow replies, "It's raining."

The lamb answers, "The rain makes the grass grow."

As the story continues, the lamb tries to help Misery Moo see the good things. But soon the lamb begins to see through the eyes of Misery Moo. Then, the lamb doesn't what to be around anyone and she stays away from Misery Moo too.

Misery Moo misses the lamb and looks for it. Misery Moo finds the lamb so miserable that Misery Moo asks, "Why are you so miserable?" The lamb replies, "It's my birthday." Misery Moo says, "Birthdays are fun!"

Both Misery Moo and the lamb learned that they just want to be friends and be happy.

Read "Misery Moo" and learned all the ways the lamb helped Misery Moo and how Misery Moo helped the lamb while their friendship grew.

"Misery Moo" can be checked out at the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Public Library located in Pine.

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