Bypass Will Cost Us In Too Much Lost Sales Tax



See all that traffic coming through town and going down Highway 87 every weekend? Well, it's money in our pockets.

I was in Wal-Mart this weekend, watching people buy camping equipment, food and toilet paper. It brought to mind all the talk about the bypass. All you hear is, "If we have the bypass, there will be less traffic going through town."

Well, I'm one for letting the traffic keep going through town.

Do you know how much sales tax revenues must be collected every weekend?

Now, let's say we get the bypass. We have a nice quiet weekend on Highway 87 in town, the traffic went around us onto 260 heading east. All that money from sales taxes goes down the road and we the town's people are going to have to make up the losses. I guess now we will be unhappy about rising property taxes to cover the budget.

See, you can't have everything you want, but putting up with a little inconvenience may save you money.

Bill Witte


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