Elk Daily Visitors To Christopher Creek



Seeing elk in the neighborhood, like the one in this photo, is an everyday occurrence here in Christopher Creek. These big guys are out every evening at dusk and in the morning at dawn.


This big guy was out strolling the other evening and decided to visit Jack and PJ Hidde. After he emptied out their bird feeder, he drank out of the wishing well and I hope he made a wish to make it through hunting season because he is one awesome looking elk. He then just walked through the neighborhood and headed out into the woods.

If you are heading up this way, you need to be on the lookout for them and drive carefully because although they are very handsome, they are the dumbest animals when it comes to walking out onto the road.

Your lights won't scare them and neither will your horn. They will just freeze in place, and if you see just one, chances are there is a whole herd behind him.

Congratulations go out to Kohl's Ranch for being the first community in Gila County to achieve Firewise Community/USA Recognition. That's something of which Christopher/Kohl's Fire District is very proud.

This is not an easy process. It took over a year and an awful lot of work to achieve this, but it was worth it.

For more information about becoming Firewise you can call Christopher/Kohl's fire department at (928) 478-4519.

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