Payson Taxpayer Not Happy About Funding Star Valley Police Coverage



Let me get this straight. The new mayor and Payson town council have agreed to provide the Town of Star Valley with all law enforcement services using Payson police. As a Town of Payson taxpayer, I'm supposed to fund this, and receive less police service availability should I need them to respond in my own town.

All I've read lately is how understaffed the police department is and how long it will take to train new officers to compensate for the current attrition rate and vacancies. And Star Valley is going to pay a paltry $100,000 for a one year contract. Vehicles, gasoline, necessary equipment, and most importantly, sworn officers will be even more depleted from our town needs. What about liability issues that will arise? Who's going to pay for that when it happens?

The agreed upon remittance will not cover the cost to the Town of Payson and its citizens. Police response time will drastically increase for Payson citizens. To me, this is just phony political "let's make nice" with Star Valley at the expense of the safety of Payson citizens and using our pocketbooks to accomplish it. There is no benefit to the Payson community. It's reality check time for the new Town of Star Valley.

Oh, and who gets the revenue share for Payson Police Department traffic enforcement in the Town of Star Valley?

Don Evans


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