Residents Don't Want ‘Big City' Parking Restrictions


As the Town of Star Valley prepares to approve its town code next week, there is a group of neighbors who are concerned what the parking ordinance in this code will state.


Star Valley resident Dan Bowman stands in his one-car driveway, showing where he normally parks on the street.

Town Manager Lanny Sloan said there is something in the code that will deal with parking, but on Tuesday night, he was unsure what the code will actually read.

Dan Bowman is one of the residents who are concerned about a rule that could prohibit on-street parking.

Bowman, who lives on Starlight Drive, has one parking space at his residence, and said when friends or relatives come over they need to park on the street.

"For having only one parking space, it is a major concern to me," Bowman said.

He said there is no reason to have codes more common in larger cities because the majority of people move to Star Valley to get away from big government.

Bowman's neighbor, Wayne Todd Gendreau, said he would not have a parking space at his residence if he had not added it himself.

"This out here is rural. I do not want regulations coming in that is big-city government," he said.

Bowman said he is a Vietnam veteran, and that he fought for his country so people could enjoy freedom.

He said if other community areas want to have rules dealing with on-street parking, they should not push their wants on the entire town of Star Valley.

"Don't impose it on everyone," he said.

Gendreau said he will be at the July 18 meeting to let the town know how he feels about certain parking regulations. Bowman said he will be writing a letter to the town before next week's meeting because he works in the Valley on weekdays and will not be able to attend.

The two are asking residents in the neighborhood to attend the meeting.

Bowman said residents should have a say in what town codes need to be in place, adding there are reasons why residents of the town do not live in Payson, where on-street parking is prohibited.

"That is why people moved down here," he said. Bowman said parking tickets and vehicle tows will upset a lot of residents.

Gendraeu agreed with his next-door neighbor.

"Then you are going to get a lot of disagreements and a lot of disputes," he said. He added that he thinks the streets on Starlight Drive are wide enough to allow parking on the roadway.

He said some streets, such as ones in the Houston Landing subdivision, do have narrow streets due to the number of homes that were built in this area.

"You have to be cautious," he said.

Bowman said he was a big supporter of the town incorporating, but thinks issues such as parking should be left alone.

"I want to have a say in how we develop here," he said. "Let each subdivision decide (on on-street parking). It would not be that hard."

"We don't need it down here," Bowman continued. "We don't need that kind of control on us."

Gendraeu said residents need to be cautious rather than having regulations.

"I understand it's getting crowded," he said. "They just need to be more careful. Once (regulations) grab hold a little, it is going to take off."

Bowman said there is one thing the town should remember when making rules for the community.

"This is rural country here," he said.

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