Inexperienced Riders Could Be Misled By Recent Article



In the July 4 Payson Roundup article regarding motorcycle accidents, the reporter wrote, "A third rider narrowly missed serious injury by laying his bike on the pavement." I am concerned how new and inexperienced riders might interpret this statement.

It is very dangerous and I feel I must comment.

There is no safety or rider education group that advocates "laying down the bike" as a defensive maneuver, ever. You would give up any chance to stop or steer away from the hazard. In a car, this would be like taking your hands off the wheel and your feet off the brakes and hoping for the best. While you may or may not avoid the initial hazard, you have actually created an accident, not avoided one.

I have also read in previous Roundup articles about riders "laying down the bike." Most likely, in a panic, the riders locked up the brakes. If the front brake stays locked, the bike is going down -- period.

The proper method is to brake to the verge of locking.

This is a learned skill, difficult to do in the best of situations.

My best and most heartfelt suggestion to all riders (and maybe some reporters) is to check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Web site at They offer rider courses for both beginner and experienced riders. Learn the right way: Practice, practice, practice. Stay safe. And have fun out there.

J.D. Arthur, Payson

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