People Should Attend More School Board Meetings Before Pointing Fingers



Reading the Letters to the Editor in the past few months concerning our Payson Unified School District Board saddens me. These letters come from people who attend one or two board meetings, usually when there is controversy, or receive hearsay and feel they know the school board. It is sad that people would judge on so little first-hand information.

I have attended many school board meetings (regular and special) as well as work sessions since this board was elected. In watching this group of people work through tough matters, they have proven to have good decision making capabilities.

They do not jump into decisions. The issues are discussed at length and often brought back at a later time to give everyone a chance to think about and explore the subject as needed.

Motions are not simply made and passed. This board looks into the future and is very conscientious in trying to assure that any decision they make will not affect the district in a negative manner in years to come.

Regular school board meetings are scheduled for the second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. You can keep in touch with the district office or your child's school to learn about special meetings as well. Everyone should attend more school board meetings to know and understand better what is going on. I hope to see many of you at future school board meetings. It gets lonely sitting there in the audience with a few administrators, or some evenings, alone.

Theresa Lammers, Payson

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