Older Adults Key To Our Community



Older adults in Payson are the fuel that keeps the engines of many community organizations running.

They volunteer with senior service groups, they help at the library and school, and they are the caregivers at Payson Regional Medical Center and RTA Hospice Palliative Care. They are the men and women who have helped build the community's churches, its arts and cultural programs, its health care services and fire departments. And for most of the municipal history of Payson -- the years it has been an incorporated community -- older adults have been the backbone of our town councils, planning, zoning and other committees.


Grant Whitledge is one of the volunteers who helps with Meals on Wheels.

And that makes Payson an exception -- on a national scope.

Recently "SeniorJournal.com" of New Tech Media published a report on a national volunteer study.

The study was done by the federal government's Corporation for National and Community Service, which oversees the Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America programs. The survey of volunteer activity was made during 2005.

According to the report, "senior citizens are much less likely than most younger Americans to volunteer for community service, but when they do, they will devote many more hours to the effort."

Payson, and the surrounding communities are quite a sterling exception to this national trend. But there is always a need for more volunteers. To volunteer for the town, call (928) 474-5242; to help with the concert association, visit www.tccarim.org. To help in health care, call the Mogollon Health Alliance at (928) 472-2588.

In this special edition of The Rim Review, the Rim Country Community Service Directory begins on page 14. Not only is it a place in which to find services you or a loved one may need, but it is also a source for discovering where you might be needed to help your neighbors.

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