As Summer Heats Up, Fish At Night



With summer temperatures sizzling and 110 degrees being the norm, how about an after-dark adventure on Roosevelt? Nighttime bass fishing has been growing in popularity as equipment has improved to make the after-dark excursions safe, productive, and comfortable.

Planning and preparation are two important factors in a quality after-dark bass fishing trip. Have a place for all tackle and rods established. A little order in your boat before dark will go a long way after dark, as baits and rods seem to vanish somewhere on your fishing platform.


Night fishing is becoming a popular, and cooling, respite for many Rim Country anglers.

Lighting is also essential with many models of two-tone black as well as white fluorescent lights available that operate from a 12-volt battery. Standard equipment with most of these models will be alligator clips for easy attachment or a simple cigarette lighter plug in.

The black light will really show up on that high visibility fishing line, and, when necessary, the white light can be used for tying knots or rigging various baits. A simple spotlight in your boat will help you to locate the shoreline as well as a safety feature when there is other boat traffic on the lake.

The techniques used can be a duplicate of your daytime bass trips, which would include crankbaits or spinnerbaits depending on the bite.

Most after-dark fishermen prefer to use a drop shot or Carolina rig with a softbait. Try a Robo worm, Berkley power bait or a Zoom lizard in a darker color. The general rule is darker bait after sundown and lighter colors during the day.

For the casual recreational fisherman a trip or two to the lake and launching your boat about 6 p.m. will be plenty of time to prepare for the after-dark adventure.

Many lakes are now hosting summer evening tournaments for those who want to compete and get away from those daytime temperatures. At the most recent All-Star Tournaments on Roosevelt Lake numerous six fish limits were caught that were well over 20 pounds in total weight.

Whether you are fishing competitively or for the simple pleasure of catching a fish, summer nights on Roosevelt Lake are hard to beat.

Give it a try and enjoy God's creation.

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