Kuenzli Was Dangerous, Armed With The Weapon Of Physical Force



In an earlier article I wrote to you, I expounded on the fact that to have a relevant opinion, one must have knowledge of the subject, its substance and background. Thus far, the subject in point is this Harold Fish fiasco.

Most writers defy, or are totally unaware of, this well-established criteria.

My duties, my profession, my job and my work from 1959 to 1995 was martial arts, martial duties, martial work. To perform these quintessential tasks, I studied, learned and practiced, before I taught. I have been in combat -- up close, deadly mortal and very personal. My acquired knowledge, training and skills came from a career in the Army, law enforcement, and a business of 15 years as a security consultant, internationally. My background and qualifications established, let me state this.

The articles presented by the media and evidence presented to the court/jury and the important things that were ruled inadmissible, deprived Mr. Fish of fairness. The significant absence of "brute force" as a threat to Mr. Fish was not presented. I'm amazed that no one has stepped forward to demonstrate this.

If Mr. Fish had not fired, in the manner he was trained -- correctly I might add -- he would have become a victim of Kuenzli's physical charge, certainly sustained injury and possibly been killed. No weapon need be in Kuenzli's hand. Brute force of the attack, despite a "warning shot," indicate the attacker's intent to do "bodily harm."

That's why football players wear protective gear. It's a brute force, contact job. They still sustain injuries despite this precaution.

By comparative analysis, Mr. Fish had no protective gear to wear for "brute force," but had taken the reasonable precaution of a course in "self defense." A term now suddenly lost to the application of "other reasonings and interpretations."

By definition a weapon is a firearm or any other instrument used to cause bodily harm.

Self defense is: To prevent bodily harm. Criteria has not yet been established that you must be a "victim" first.

Kuenzli's attack with "brute force" was the weapon to cause Mr. Fish bodily harm.

Sean P. Tyree, Payson

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