Lieutenant Should Have Obeyed Orders Or Resigned



The biggest danger of Lt. Watada's action is that the troops and the American people may get military rules and necessity mixed up with anti-Bush war sentiments.

I have been against the Bush War from the beginning and think that the President sent our troops to Iraq for personal and political reasons only.

However, when someone joins the military service they commit to taking orders, because that is the only way they can successfully carry out the duties that they assume. That is true for any member of the military, and it so happens that the top "order giver" is the commander in chief.

If the president's "order" to invade Iraq created a situation which in Lt. Watada's mind made it impossible to fulfill his military commitment, he should have resigned his commission at that time. His refusal to serve in Iraq now is nothing more than a clinical case of disobeying a direct and lawful order and he should be prosecuted accordingly.

Lt. Watada does not deserve a "thank you" from anyone.

Richard S. Lindfors, Payson

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