Old-Timers Still Waiting For Homes


Meet some long-time residents of the Payson Humane Society animal shelter. They are all wonderful animals, deserving of loving homes. For one reason or another, they have been overlooked. Please visit them at the shelter at 812 S. McLane Road and consider giving them a chance at a new and happy life with you.


Star is a young adult Catahoula hound mix. She is quite spunky and very friendly. Star is definitely a high-energy dog, and the key to keeping her managed is exercise and plenty of it. She and her new owners would benefit from dog training classes. She is a great walking companion and is interested in all the scents she comes across on the trail. She would no doubt make a great hiking and camping companion. Star envisions finding a home with a family who will include her in their outdoor activities. She is looking forward to her new home.


Molly is a lovely 2-year-old spayed female Australian Cattle Dog. She is pure white except for caramel-colored markings on her head and faint spots on her back. Her white ears are so cute, with freckles all over them when viewed from behind. Molly has been a family dog and is good with children and cats. She is protective of family and home and lets strangers know it. She is housebroken and rides politely in the car. She is a good little leash walker -- very easy to handle. Molly needs to be the only dog in the family. She is very protective of her family and does not get along well with other dogs.


Lucky is a one-year-old male Catahoula/Lab mix. He is a very shy dog, but he loves to run around and play once he gets to know you. According to a previous owner, Lucky would probably be best in a home that has other dogs. He is housebroken, but was given up because the previous family was too active. He would like a family with older children or adults. Because he is so shy, Lucky needs a patient and loving home with a quiet family. Please come visit Lucky to find out what a sweet dog he really is.


Marley is a beautiful 3-year-old neutered male black cat with a little white patch on his chest. His coat is very shiny and he loves to be brushed and groomed. He came into the shelter way back in November of 2005 as a stray. He is an outgoing cat and gets along well with the other cats in his house. Please come and take a look at Marley at the shelter.


Reese is a beautiful, long-haired, 6-year-old neutered male yellow tabby. He is so good-natured, the shelter has put him in with some of the ornery cats to help them understand it is so much easier to be nice and mellow than to be uptight and snippy. Once he had a full set of teeth, but his previous owners didn't provide proper dental care, so he's down to zero! Don't worry, it doesn't stop him from eating. The shelter has taken care of his dental problems, and he's quite healthy. Now Reese is ready just to be adored! He has waited oh so patiently for someone special to come and adopt him.


Payson Humane Society needs volunteers to help supervise dogs in the play yard behind the shelter. Each morning, dogs are taken to the area for an hour of exercise.

If you can spare a couple of hours a week to make a shelter dog's life more enjoyable, please call 474-5590 and ask for Mike, the dog supervisor.

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