Standing Behind Roy Sandoval's Policies



Payson High School is going through a period of extreme change that will forever alter the way students are educated in Payson. This change includes setting higher standards for students and teachers, and increasing the number of classes in the day from six to seven.

By instituting these changes, Principal Roy Sandoval has created a learning environment that will challenge students, but not leave them behind. I believe that these changes will save a school that was being absorbed by apathy.

Payson High School was supposed to be a beacon of education to student entering their freshman year. Instead, it had become a beacon of complacency and laziness. A majority of teachers and students were putting out the minimum effort required to get by, and almost no one was learning anything of true value.

There were a few teachers who understood that students needed to be challenged, but they were in the minority. Most teachers put no effort into teaching. Instead, they were content teaching directly from the book and giving students busy work to fill extra class time. They were committing what should amount to a crime in letting students coast by without actually having to put forth anything that remotely resembled effort. Strangely, everyone was content with our school. A few veteran teachers even grew to believe that they were the true controllers of the school. They could use the clout that they had accrued over the years to put pressure on the administration to bend to their will. This is the state that Payson High School was in before Roy Sandoval stepped in as principal.

Coming into the position of principal, it would have been much easier for Mr. Sandoval to follow the same path that the school had been on, but that would have done nothing to improve the education that students received attending the high school. Instead he made changes that needed to be instituted, and he weeded out some of the teachers that were not educating the students properly.

This caused an uproar, and the backlash against Mr. Sandoval has been tremendous, but I am here to voice my complete support for all of his policies. They may not be appreciated now, but sometime in the near future, people will realize that these changes helped to set the students that attended Payson High School up for success.

Michael Daniels, Former Payson High School student

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