Star Valley Paying Market Average Salary For Town Manager


Some town managers in the state of Arizona make more than the Star Valley town manager while others make a little less.

The salary for the next manager of Star Valley, which likely will be interim manager Lanny Sloan, will be at a lower rate than what he is currently earning.


Star Valley interim town manager Lanny Sloan chose $52,000 annual salary for the permanent manager position by averaging the salaries for town managers in communities of less than 2,000.

The interim contract he is working under pays him $1,850 a week or a little more than $96,000 annually.

He said the salary reflected the amount of work he had to do for the town during the process of incorporation.

The salary for the new town manager, recommended by Sloan to the council, would be $52,000 a year.

Sloan chose the figure after taking the average salary for town managers in communities of less than 2,000 people. Star Valley has more than 2,000 residents, but less than 2,100.

The average figure that came from the Arizona League of Cities and Towns was $4,314 a month or $51,768 a year.

Sloan said he was shocked the average was so low.

"I thought it should have been more," he said, adding he was making much more when he was the manager for the Town of Parker.

But he acknowledged there are a lot of towns in the state that have more money to use for salaries than Star Valley.

"A lot of it has to deal with the finances a town has," he said.

The towns of comparable size that pay their town manager more than what Star Valley budgeted are Wellton at $64,500 a year, Springerville at $60,000 annually and Miami which pays its town manager $52,500 a year.

Sloan said the salary figures for managers for towns of 2,000 to 4,999, which Star Valley does fall into, pay much higher salaries.

He pointed out that the manager of Queen Creek earns close to $130,000 a year.

The average salary for towns in this population is close to $82,500. The low figure for towns of 2,000 to 4,999 was Kearny, which pays its manager $40,000 annually.

"Some managers are worth more than others," Sloan said. "But they all serve at the pleasure of the council."

Salaries for town managers in 2,000 and fewer population range

Pima $44,644

Gila Bend $51,444

Springerville $60,000

Miami $52,500

Wellton $64,608

Fredonia $37,368

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