Stray Dog Finds Happy Ending, New Home



In last week's column, photos showed the trapping and loading of a stray dog into the truck of Forest Miller of Gila County Animal Control. He was taken to the Payson Humane Society. After the article appeared, a man called to tell me he knew of the dog. The dog had lived in another part of Strawberry and was owned by a man who was not a responsible pet owner. Then the man moved away, leaving the dog behind. I was just informed that this dog has been adopted -- certainly a happy ending. Hopefully, he has found a caring and forever home.

Many have been asking for recommendations of dog trainers in the area. Finally, a list has been assembled and is ready for distribution. I am not in a position to recommend any of these and they all use different methods and come from different backgrounds and levels of training. I do recommend that you make sure you are comfortable with the teacher and the methods used. Dog classes should be enjoyable for you and your dog.


These girls are loving, playful and full of life. They need their own home and family. Call me at (928) 476-2239 for details.

If you do sign up for a dog training class, you must expect to spend time at home working with your dog. The more time you spend outside of class, the better the training will go and the better the results. A little training can make the difference between a dog who is a welcome member of a family or is sent to the back yard or the humane society. Dogs want to please their family, but they have to learn what is expected of them.

Here are the teachers in alphabetical order:

Connie Agnes, (928) 474-4165, Connie teaches basic obedience as well as some problem solving at the store in Payson.

Jane Burleson, (928) 468-0250, Jane teaches agility and is involved with rescue organizations. She is available for general obedience problems.

Lori Chandler, (928) 476-2633, Lori teaches basic obedience and behavior modification classes and gives private consultations as well as taking dogs into her home for training.

Cindy Elmer, (928) 517-1008, Cindy offers family dog type training through Parks and Recreation and also specializes in dog aggression.

Dale Klausner, (928) 468-8245, Using positive reinforcement, Dale combines clicker and lure/reward training to teach basic manners and also tasks required of service dogs.

Margie Mansell, (602) 312-6992, Margie has competed in AKC obedience and is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She teaches basic obedience/behavior modification and provides in-home training.

New dog activity

A group will be meeting informally at Green Valley Park on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. This is open to anyone who wants to work with his or her dog in a safe, structured and challenging environment. Eventually, this might include CGC preparation exercises, rally, more formal obedience training or whatever the interests are of those in attendance. There will not be an official instructor and no one will dictate methods. However, help would be available for those who might want it. The group will gather at the big retention area near the veterans' memorial. Although this gathering is informal, please call Dale Klausner if you are interested or have questions. Her information is listed above.

Roadside rescue dog update

My two little puppies are growing and thriving. These girls are loving, playful and full of life. They need their own home and family. Call me at (928) 476-2239 for details.

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