Tips For Back To School Clothes Shopping


Here are a few ideas to help you keep your wallet intact and satisfy your child with a closet full of new clothes.

Tip one: Thrift stores hang gently used garments on their racks weekly, if not daily. With Time Out, Mogollon Health Alliance and Senior Center thrift stores in Pine and Payson, the Rim Country can be a bargain shopper's dream. Although not a non-profit thrift store, Past and Present Boutique also sells gently used clothing.

Tip two: Children of any age can learn budgeting if they get to be a part of the shopping process. Parents should let the child know how much money they have to spend, and when the child helps choose the outfits, he or she will begin to understand how much or how little $15 can buy.

Tip three: Let the child pick out one trendy outfit that he or she really wants before school starts. Wait to spend the rest of the money until after school begins.

Tip four: New and used clothing deals can be found by shopping E-bay and other online auctions.

Tip five: Search for printable on-line coupons when shopping retail stores online. Returning customers at some sites are offered coupons upon log in.

Tip six: Know what's cool. In Payson right now, according to Cheryl Aschbrenner owner of Fashions Now, layered T-shirts are hugely popular. Lace is also in fashion, as are striped shirts and Bermuda shorts (if not necessarily together), Aschbrenner said.

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