Vacation Bible School Brings In 53 Kids



Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel just completed another successful week of Vacation Bible School.

Every year, the attendance increases. This year, they had 53 eager kids show up and learn some really good lessons that we pray will remain with them throughout their years to come. That's a lot of little ones for Christopher Creek, but every year they have so much fun the word spreads and they bring along siblings, friends and just about anyone they can tell.


This year's theme for Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel's Vacation Bible School was "Set Sail: Spread The Good News."

This year's theme was "Set Sail: Spread The Good News." All groups were divided by age and they had names like starfish, clams, crabs, and turtles. The walls and front stage were decorated like an ocean with sea animals.

Each group had a teenage leader. These young adults help out every year with the groups and how fortunate they are to find such caring young teenagers that want to help.

Once you finish seventh grade you are encouraged to become a leader and help out with the little ones, and every year there are more and more teenagers that show up and help tremendously. These individuals are really good role models and the younger ones can't wait to grow up and be just like them. They are really appreciated and thanked for taking their time to help out with VBS.

This year's leaders were Molly Vang, who was not only a leader but did an exceptional job teaching Bible lessons, Katie Vang, Tyler Kilbourne, Travis Kilbourne, Kaitlyn Armistead, Jessie Snively, Matt Snively and Caleb Long. A very special thanks to all of these teenagers who spent a week helping teach younger children and passing on some wonderful lessons they can carry through life.

They got to learn new songs and sing along with Holly Purtee who led them everyday in song. She is very good at this and they all can't wait to sing along with her. You could tell by the expressions on all their faces as they tried to emulate her. Way to go, Holly.

The children also enjoyed visits from Pastor Ed Hepworth who came by on a regular basis to give them his blessing.

Another fun part of every day was the puppet show. The team leaders put on a puppet show every day. The little ones had fun watching it, but also learned something special from each one.

On the last day of Vacation Bible School, the children sang songs for their parents and showed them what they did all week. Then they got to go shopping in the store with the stickers they earned all throughout the week for memorizing Bible verses, and being good helpers.

Very special thanks go out to the ones that make this possible every year. Tracy, Teresa and Holly Purtee have been organizing this event for 12 years, and it would not be possible without them. A big thanks goes out to some others who really helped out this year. The games are always fun thanks to Ann Kilbourne and Tracy Purtee. Creative crafts were done by Lois Jones and Mary Bryan. Thanks to Susan Hepworth and Pat Guevara for reservations, and to Pat Guevara for helping the children with their daily Bible verses.

Rita Quay did refreshments everyday. And Bob Quay was a big help with flyers CDs and pictures. A thanks to the helpers, Eileen Kittock, Joy and Ray Ruetz, Bianca Malmin, Jeff Daniels and Ella Slaughter. Thanks to everyone for making this a fun and learning time for all the children.

Word is they can't wait till next year.

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