Coverage Of Murder Was Disturbing



I am writing to you, because the article that was written about Niki Hall was absolutely disturbing to me. I do not understand how this horrific act that Jody Cline committed was portrayed in the manner it was written. Why her picture was not first and why Mr. Cline's was is simply mind-boggling.

If people did not know Niki and read this article they would be at the very least confused about what is being said. It appears that the article was first about a man who was the victim of voices in his sick head instead of the devastating fact that he murdered a young, beautiful, kind woman by stabbing her over and over again. This was a murder, a murder committed by a man who lived for free in his victim's home and paid her back by stabbing her numerous times in her neck and torso. This is not about some sick twisted man that claimed voices told him to kill her, that is not the fact, but a mere excuse a man who just committed murder said in attempt to minimize his actions.

For people that did know Niki the article was not confusing, but rather appalling to read as the introduction and pictures that were chosen are not about the person that will be missed and is now gone forever.

Thank you for your time and I am sorry that my letter was not about my many good opinions on many other articles the Roundup writes.

Maria R. Cohen

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