Gallery Focuses On Rim Country Beauty


There's a new feature in the Comforts of Home store, a photo gallery, Living Reflections Photography by Kent.

Kent Cullumber opened the shop at 200 W. Frontier St., Payson in May.


Kent Cullumber opened his photo gallery, Living Reflections Photography by Kent in May in one of the rooms in the Comforts of Home shop at 200 W. Frontier St., Suite K. His work features the beauty of the Rim Country.

"I want to reflect God's creation through my work and get it into the community," Cullumber said.

Most of the work currently displayed in the gallery is from the Beaver Valley area.

"People don't know what a beautiful place we live in," he said.

Cullumber said he has been playing around with a camera since he could walk and is mostly self-taught. "I read a lot," he said.

And since his retirement from Corral West, he has been pursuing his photography full-time.

Visitors to the Northern Gila County Fair last year were able to get a preview of the works Cullumber has in his gallery. He won a number of prizes in the photography class at the fair.

"Ed Toliver gave me lots of encouragement," Cullumber said of the superintendent of the photo class at the fair.

His work is also displayed at the Beeline Cafe and word of mouth has brought customers his way since opening May 1.

Cullumber even has a commercial job lined up already, a collection of card photos a summer camp wants to sell as a fund-raiser.

Most of Cullumber's work focuses on landscapes, flowers and still lifes. The pieces in the gallery will be changed on a seasonal basis, according to Marga Cullumber, Kent's wife and business manager.

While a lot of thought goes into the selection of the frames for the photographs, the Cullumbers are willing to accommodate customers who would like to make a change. They will also recommend how to hang and light the work to show it to its best advantage.

The photography is digital and at this point Cullumber is not able to make changes in the size of the images.

"Within a year we'll have the capacity to make size changes," he said.

Cullumber said he admires the photography of Ansel Adams, Elliott Porter, Ed Toliver, Jack Dinkga and John Shaw.

"My ultimate goal is to have the front and back cover of Arizona Highways. I really admire their photography. You don't make much money, but the prestige is really something," Cullumber said.

He believes the best advertisement for his work is word of mouth, so one of the biggest challenges of the business is getting that word out.

The Cullumbers have lived in the Payson area for seven years, though Kent, a Wickenburg native, has been coming to the area since he was a toddler.

"It's a friendly town," Marga said.

Living Reflections Photography by Kent is at 200 W. Frontier St., Suite K. It is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday.

For more information, call (928) 474-9801 or (928) 970-0263, e-mail is

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