Gated Communities Smell Of Feudalism



I thank the Floyd boys for clearing up issues. I wondered how beneficial the Chaparral Pines and the Rim Golf Club are to Payson. It seems to me that these two communities are independent, separated and isolated from Payson. Folks there do not say they are from Payson, nor do they shop in Payson. They do not participate in any activity with Payson. They had their own 4th of July parade, etc.

Shades of feudalism and living proof of the "idle-rich" -- $7,000 property tax for a million-plus home is a BARGAIN.

The folks who work there are subordinate and are there to provide comforts. I would not be surprised if their wages are not the greatest.

Are these communities on water restrictions like Payson? I wonder, too, why does Chaparral Pines need three swimming pools, 13 ponds or lakes, etc.

Why do we consider another gated community connected with the Rim? These communities need not go to the Planning and Zoning committee, no impact fees for Payson, no permit needed. They just build and build. Please correct me if I am wrong.

The Tonto Apache Tribe has donated thousands of dollars for the high school and has been more generous to Payson.

Hey, fellows, you are playing with the big boys. Be careful, I hate to burst your bubble, but when the Rim takes your money, you'll get a kick you know where. These communities do not accept beer-drinking cowboys.

Karol Shaw, Star Valley

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