Positive Efforts Due Accolades



We must congratulate our new mayor, et al, for an outstanding job, well done in his short tenure, many more positive things than the past mayor and council ever thought of doing.

There's no need to list all the numerous accomplishments that our new mayor, et al, have done. (I can truly call him "our" mayor.)

I can't say the same for some of the newly-elected council persons who appear to have taken it upon themselves to reward those developers and their allies, whose integrity, moral values and honesty are in serious question.

This also applies to those members of the Planning and Zoning Board. That group needs to be taken out back to the woodshed and taught a lesson in the error their ways. They don't seem to see the correlation between water and growth, honesty and the integrity of some developers.

One outstanding achievement of our mayor is his approach to the Corporate Strategic Plan. In the last, and past, administration(s), it was the staff who determined the town's yearly objectives, including capital improvements, business decisions and municipal services.

This change will alleviate the staff's burden to determine our town's goals. It will also give our town back to We The People, and not to those persons who have had their own agendas concerning our town.

When a town, or village, must resort to such water restrictions as those heaped upon us, there should also be restrictions on the issue of building permits and the approval of new and large developments. Each degree, or level, of water conservation should be correlated to a set amount of water hookups similar to those in Pine, Ariz. and Cambia Pines in California. I have experienced both locales.

I completely agree with the town manager when he said the citizens' input workshop will alleviate the staff's burden to determine our town's goals. After all, we the people elected a mayor and council to manage the town's goals, and affairs, and the responsibility that goes with it. We don't elect staff members to take the place of a mayor and council.

Ed Welge, Payson

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