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Re: You cannot stop progress

I am a newcomer having lived here 20 years.

Here is a truism for what it's worth. You cannot, ever, stop progress. People visit Payson, drive around on our bumpy, pot-holed roads, take walks down our dark streets without sidewalks, park in our gravel driveways, and, fall in love with our "quaint" little town, and, they move here. Suddenly, new hands reach into our tax pockets. Our streets must all be paved, we must all have sidewalks (OK for the schools, we agree), more street lights and, for Heaven's sake, pave your driveways and put up a fence.

This is progress. However, when they put a sidewalk in front of my house, when they add another street lamp on my street so I can no longer see the stars at night from my porch, when they make me get rid of my chickens, when they make me pave my driveway ... I am out of here. If you loved us when you visited, please don't change us because you moved here.

Sit back, relax and watch the weeds grow.

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