Star Valley Council, Residents To Learn About Payson Law Enforcement Services


The residents of Star Valley tonight (Tuesday) will be able to gather information about the type of law enforcement the new town will have for the rest of the 2006-2007 fiscal year.

Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner will be at the town hall meeting to answer questions from Star Valley residents. Star Valley is paying the town of Payson $100,000 for law enforcement for the next year.

Gartner said he will probably bring out some annual reports and possibly could give an overview of the first three weeks of the service the PPD has been providing to Star Valley.

He said it mostly will be a question and answer question meeting.

Council member Mary Ann Kotelnicki said she may have questions about the Arizona Revised Statutes the police department is using to provide law enforcement to the town.

She said the town code that the council just adopted is not going to be what the PPD will use for law enforcement.

"I have to see what they will do," she said, adding she would like to know from the police chief what his department's duties will be for Star Valley.

"People will be asking him questions on his responsibility to Star Valley," the council member said

She said she may ask him about the Arizona Revised Statute and mentioned she may get a copy of them to prepare herself for the town hall forum.

She said she will be asking him what areas or concerns should the town be concentrating on.

Gartner said not much can be gauged on three weeks of service.

Kotelnicki said she would like to know if there is anything the town could do to make it safer.

"We need to know where to zero in," she said.

Mayor Chuck Heron said it is his understanding that the PPD will be giving a recap of the first two to three weeks of the law enforcement it has been providing to the town.

He said that once the town code is analyzed, printed and reviewed, the Payson Police Department will follow it when providing service to the town.

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