The Hypocrisy Of Politics



Politics today is still as corrupted as always. Both Republicans and Democrats try to convince the American people that they are sinless and would do no harm.

On July 19, I saw the corruptness that is in the party.

I have been a lifetime Democrat and am dedicating my life to working for the Democratic Party. When July 19 began, I was the secretary of the Northern Gila County Democratic Club. That evening, after attending the meeting, I was not. I was fired and it was done so in a rude and demeaning manner.

A man by the name of Jim Whitely started a motion to have me replaced as secretary claiming that I did not represent the interests of the club. He went on to say that I had been supporting a candidate for Congress in a contested Primary and that was not allowed. His argument is weak, because he, his wife, and the Gila County Democratic Chairman Mark Reza have been unfairly supporting a different candidate who is opposing mine in the primary.

I believe this is a double standard. If this hypocrisy represents the interests of the club, I am not sure that I want to be working for this type of people. I want to work for a fair and dedicated party. One that will not stab its faithful volunteers in the back when they happen to disagree. Disagreement is the basis of any sound resolution. Without it, we know what happens. I saw it the night when I was fired as secretary because I had stood up for what I believed in.

Alicia Baker, Payson

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