Tone Of Editorials Concerning



I have become quite concerned over the tone of the editorials regarding our town procedures and the implementation of the task forces.

I was especially concerned when I read the editorial in May saying that the installation of the new council should not be done according to the printed rules of election procedure, but the way it has always been done.

If a town does not abide by their printed policies, then they need to change the policies to reflect the way things are being done. To have a policy that states a procedure and then ignore it is not good town management and a betrayal of the citizens of the town.

It is my understanding that Mayor Edwards is very concerned about getting input from the people of Payson regarding a number of issues so that he may conduct business in a manner that looks at input from all factions of the town. He has originated a number of task forces to investigate various areas of town government. These task forces are charged giving feedback to the mayor. They have no ability or authorization to change anything. Their job is to make recommendations with the supporting rationale for those recommendations. The more information the mayor and council have, the better decisions the council can make.

The task forces are just getting started. I don't understand why the editorial would express such negative opinions regarding meetings that have not taken place. If citizens cannot attend the task force meetings, I know that their input would be welcomed by the mayor and council by phone or e-mail.

The basis for a representative government is information from the citizens it governs. Now is your chance, people of Payson. Step up and let our council know your concerns and opinions.

Lucy Briggs, Payson

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