Bad Driving Not Fault Of Road



I would like to respond to the recent letter about Highway 87 between Payson and Pine.

I, too, regularly drive from Pine to Payson and vice versa. The road is in good condition and well surfaced and signed. Certainly there are characteristics of almost any rural roadway -- curves, small or non-existent shoulders, and awkward cambers.

But to take the position that the road is dangerous is almost laughable. The dangers of the road are not the road itself, but the driving skills or lack thereof, of those who use the road. That was aptly pointed out in the letter.

As a taxpayer I do not want to have to pay for a road so constructed that it allows drivers the ability to drive in a careless fashion.

I hardly see how the poor driving habits of those we share the road with become the fault of the road itself. Drive at the posted speed limit, pay attention to your driving, be alert for any unforeseen eventuality, and if your skills are not up to the task, take a taxi.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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