Harold Fish Was Convicted On Facts



I wasn't going to respond to this man, however, reading his analysis was very frightening. This is a man who has been in combat (as many of us have) and cannot distinguish between killing an enemy and killing a civilian, a fellow American, a firefighter who spent his lifetime protecting lives and property.

Mr. Tyree, is a man admittedly an expert in "martial arts" (much like Harold Fish) and would choose to use deadly force, even though he would have the advantage over an uncontrolled man running down a steep hill. When all he would have to do is step aside and let the man fall flat on his face and then if he could get up, hit him with his hiking stick or use his martial arts training, rather than shooting an unarmed man, who just happened to want to keep his dogs from barking at a hiker.

What does wearing protective gear have to do with Fish's action? Are we expected to wear a bulletproof vest when exercising our dogs in the forest? I know there are leash laws, but is violent death the accepted punishment for this infraction? Perhaps we should leash bears, mountain lions, elk and all other dangerous animals in the forest. Their mere presence does not mean we have the right to shoot them. I have seen hundreds of wild animals and have never shot one. I do carry a gun wide open and on my hip (not concealed ) in case a dope runner or a Sean Tyree chooses to open fire on me. I have come upon many hikers and their dogs and have never been attacked. If by chance a dog did pose a threat to me I would shoot the dog, not his owner.

As for the judge not allowing Kuenzli's past to be heard, he did so because Harold Fish would have had to have knowledge of that information at the time he shot Kuenzli.

The judge wouldn't allow Fish's past to be heard either.

Keep in mind Harold Fish had two high profiled attorneys to "fluff" the facts and all the money the National Rifle Association had to turn the facts around, and still failed to convince the jury.

Thank God there was a jury that unanimously convicted Fish based upon the facts, evidence, forensics and testimony.

John J. McCauley, Payson

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