Improve Sight Distance On Road



This letter was sent to Arizona Department of Transportation on July 22, 2006.

Dear Sirs:

I live in Payson and frequently drive Highway 87 to Phoenix. I always watch the intersection of the Bush Highway closely as there have been several fatal accidents at this location. Following the most recent accident, there was an article in the Payson Roundup stating that plans for an overpass were being considered.

An overpass would be nice but I'm concerned that the cost could delay this solution for a long time. In the interim, I would like to suggest that the state improve the sight distance to the north of this intersection by simply clearing the median of brush and dirt piles. This could be done with a minimum of effort and cost.

An improved sight distance to the north would allow southbound traffic to see any vehicles waiting or entering Highway 87.

Gary Vaplon, Payson

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